Sunday, April 22, 2018

Economics remains in a dangerous position ten years after the financial crisis has exposed its flaws

Study: Food Stamp Usage by New Immigrants More than Tripled in Last Decade

A Conversation with Six Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court at Harvard Law School

Should Cenk Uygur Rethink his career ?

Costly Pension Plans Are Fanning the Flames of Teacher Unrest

Education Week

Scientists found something odd in the brains of psychopaths

The New York Post

Stuart Rothenberg Flashback October 2016: Trump’s path to an electoral college victory isn’t narrow. It’s nonexistent.

Flashback to October 2016.The Washington Post has the establishment musing of the Stuart Rothenberg. Stu ... so in touch with reality he said this:
The trajectory of the 2016 presidential race — which will result in a Hillary Clinton victory — remains largely unchanged from May, when Donald Trump and Clinton were in the process of wrapping up their nominations.

But what has changed recently is Clinton’s likely winning margin. For many weeks, even months, I have believed that Clinton would defeat Trump by three to six points. If anything, that range now looks a bit low, with the Democratic nominee apparently headed for a more convincing victory, quite possibly in the four-to-eight-point range.
The establishment's Stu Rothenberg: using scientific data to come up very short. We all are on pins and needles waiting for Stu's 2018 predictions.

Sen. Mitch McConnell Kills President Trump's Plan to Cut $60 Billion in Spending

Obama spying on consumers without security protections backfires in mass hack attacks; ex-president ignored repeated warnings of data insecurity at CFPB

Long Hours, Low Pay Push Some Democratic Campaign Workers To Unionize


France's Lower House passes bill to tighten migration process


Supreme Court to Hear Travel Ban Case . President Trump’s restrictions on travelers from several Muslim-majority countries face a legal test Wednesday.

The Wall Street Journal reports:
President Donald Trump’s restrictions on travelers from several Muslim-majority countries face a legal test Wednesday, when the Supreme Court considers whether the administration can categorically bar entry to the U.S. based on a person’s nationality.

The case traces back to a defining moment in Mr. Trump’s campaign, when he called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” That idea evolved through three travel bans of varying character and severity, the latest issued in September 2017.

The ban has become more measured in some respects, as the White House has sought to withstand legal scrutiny, though the current travel prohibitions have no expiration date, a contrast from the temporary nature of the earlier bans.

To prevail, the government may have to persuade the justices that the current order is untainted by religious bias, contrary to the findings of some lower courts. The administration also will assert that the ban is needed to help prevent terrorist attacks.
Stay tuned..

Revolt of the Deplorables: Inside the Greatest Upset in American Political History

An excellent presentation here from the get go... The first 5 minutes are quite humbling for the pundits. We suggest you watch this one.

Nearly half of all workers in the Western world could lose their jobs to automation in the coming years—throwing democracies into chaos

DNC head Tom Perez refuses to say whether lawsuit against WikiLeaks was really Hillary Clinton's idea and how much it is going to cost Democrats

STUDY: Nordic gender equality policies reinforce the glass ceiling

Self-made millionaire: Buying a home can help you retire early, if you make 1 important choice.

Bill Clinton Floats Conspiracy Theory That Trump, New York Times Colluded To Defeat Hillary

Fresno State Might Lose Serious Money Over Prof’s Anti-Barbara Bush Tweets

UK: Muslims attempt to rape female karate expert who escapes by kicking them in the balls

Is the Constitution Judeo-Christian?

Bloomberg: Chances of running for president are 'not very high' but it would be 'great challenge

Monica Crowley - Why the Swamp Hates Donald Trump

PROGRESSIVES AGAINST PROGRESS: 13 Worst Predictions Made on Earth Day, 1970.

Ed Driscoll

Google's New AI Head Is So Smart He Doesn't Need AI

Wired reports:
Google’s heavy investment in artificial intelligence has helped the company’s software write music and beat humans at complex board games. What unlikely feats could be next? The company’s new head of AI says he’d like to see Google move deeper into areas such as healthcare. He also warns that the company will face some tricky ethical questions over appropriate uses for AI as it expands its use of the technology.

The new AI boss at Google is Jeff Dean. The lean 50-year-old computer scientist joined the company in 1999, when it was a startup less than one year old. He earned a reputation as one of the industry’s most talented coders by helping Google become a computational powerhouse with new approaches to databases and large-scale data analysis. Google colleagues once created a joke website of “Jeff Dean facts,” including his purported role in accelerating the speed of light. Another had it that Dean doesn’t really exist—he’s an advanced AI created by Jeff Dean.

Dean helped ignite Silicon Valley’s AI boom when he joined Google’s secretive X lab in 2011 to investigate an approach to machine learning known as deep neural networks. The project produced software that learned to recognize cats on YouTube. Google went on to use deep neural networks to greatly improve the accuracy of its speech recognition service, and has since made the technique the heart of the company’s strategy for just about everything.
An article worth your time.

As racial-equity teams spread across Seattle schools, UW researchers want to know if they actually work

The Seattle Times

Sen. Susan Collins Blasts Comey For Leaking Documents, Cashing In With Book

CNN Chief Political Analyst Mocks DNC Lawsuit “100% Stunt…Honestly, It's Just A Way To Raise Money”

18 spectacularly wrong predictions made around the time of first Earth Day in 1970, expect more this year.

L.A. Times Editorial Board: Breaking up California should be much harder to do

The L.A. Times

Democrats are getting desperate as Mueller stalls

Hot Air

A marriage used to prevent deportation. Not anymore.

The Boston Globe

Unpublished CDC Study Confirms over 2 Million Annual Defensive Gun Uses

Big Government

Flashback: How Comrade Kamala Harris Got a Once A Month Job Paying $72,000 A Year

The Daily Caller

Excessive bureaucracy has put many firms off hiring apprentices

Someone hung a ‘White Male Privilege Is A Myth’ poster next to the ‘Dismantle Whiteness’ mural. Guess what happened next.

The College Fix

Fresno State Professor Praises Plane Hijackers, Calls For Acts Of Terrorism

The current farm law — enacted in 2014 — added new crop programs that have turned out to be more costly than promised. The law expires this year, and subsidy proponents are eager for Congress to pass another expensive bill.

Will Belgium will become the 1st Islamic State in Europe?

Unity Photo

With an emphasis on ‘better late than never,’ rockers from Bon Jovi, the Cars, Dire Straits and Moody Blues were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Duke protesters escape punishment, ‘celebrate the win’

The College Fix

Flashback: When Canada Couldn't Handle The Free Speech of Ann Coulter

"[T]he richest 1 percent of American women by income live more than 10 years longer than the poorest 1 percent."

The bottom is falling out of these 12 career paths (fast)...

How ironic - tap water may turn out to be healthier, and definitely more environmentally friendly: Most Bottled Water Contaminated With Microplastics

Comey ‘Friend’ Says Forthcoming Report Might Be Bad News For Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates

Was the creation of the Constitution actually a reversal of the American Revolution?

Stopping electoral fraud is now racist!

3 years of U.S. strikes in Syria, visualized

Cutting weight is so important in boxing

A great three minute animated video on why helicopter parenting is so harmful, and the 4 step method parents should use to "put ourselves out of a job."

Saudi government allegedly funded a 'dry run' for 9/11

Even among refugees who arrived in the Netherlands in the late 1990s, only 55% were in the workforce 15 years later

The globalists says the long term is bright on refugees...

Colin Kaepernick wins Amnesty International award, defends national anthem protests

Career Staff, Not Pruitt, Were Behind EPA’s $43K Phone Booth

DEFAMATION: The Starbucks Manager Accused Of Racism Is Probably About To Be A MILLIONAIRE

The Daily Caller reports:
If, hypothetically, you kick a man out of your store because he’s taking up valuable space without buying anything — which is your right — and then your company fires you, calls you reprehensible, says you broke policy and institutes racial bias training, then your company is no longer simply voicing its opinion that you are racist.

It is saying it had policies you objectively broke, and it’s effectively denying (through omission) that the customers were trespassing at all. Those are implied factual assertions, and they can form the basis of a defamation suit.

It might be argued that because the manager has not been publicly named by Starbucks, she doesn’t have a defamation case. After all, defamation is all about losing reputation in your community — and you can’t lose reputation if you’re anonymous.

But Hylton’s name was apparently quickly determined by media outlets based on information provided by Starbucks. And her friends and coworkers certainly know who she is, and they are seeing the thousands upon thousands of tweets and official statements that she is a racist and an awful human being who should never find employment again. That’s enough to trigger the protections of defamation law — particularly for private citizens.
Imagine that.

Rep. Ro Khanna tapped by Pelosi to draft “Internet Bill of Rights”

The San Jose Mercury News

WikiLeaks Mocks and Warns Democrat Party..

Wikileaks is using the Democrats and it’s only April.

Vows: 36 Years Later, He’s Out of the Friend Zone

In California your dog can be detained without proper vaccine paperwork. Yet 6 to 15 MILLION illegals can’t be detained for having no paperwork.

Muslims pray in front of Berlin university to push sharia law. But then Identitarians organise a counter-protest

“Moderate” Malaysia: MANY unmarried couples and two women publicly whipped, beaten black and blue, in front of mosque for breaking Islamic law, Muslim crowd cheers

New research suggests belly fat could be bad for your heart.

Allison Mack ..................

Farm subsidies distort the decisions made by farm businesses. They encourage overproduction, which pushes down prices and creates political demands for more subsidies.

Home Invasion Victims Use AR–15 To Defend Themselves Against Five Armed Intruders

Citing religion, a woman refused to shake hands with male officials at a naturalization ceremony in 2016. Now, a top court in France has ruled the government could legally deny her citizenship.

Leaked Docs: Soros Aims to Enlarge Electorate by 10 Million Voters by 2018

State Department: Abortion "is not a human right"

So let’s be clear here. The (SJW feminist) employee never mentioned race and literally just phoned in a loitering complaint. Somehow Starbucks and the media turn it into a race war. Once again, the whip hand reveals itself.

Candace Owens: Kanye West tweets 7 words and leftists rush to smear me as far-right & anti-LGBT. So what terrified them? The truth did. The left is losing control of their blacks. Ready to be awakened? Watch the truth about my journey off the plantation w/ @RubinReport.

1 in 6 people would raise taxes on the rich even if they knew it would hurt the poor to do so. Why? Envy.

Not the Rominee: Mitt Romney 2nd at Utah GOP Convention, Must Face Senate Primary

Colin Kaepernick defends NFL anthem protests while accepting Amnesty International award

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